Graduate Membership Program


Golfers age 21 - 36 join without an initial share purchase

The Wascana recognizes the importance of welcoming young professionals and young families to carry on our traditions. The future of the club depends on having a solid core of younger active players and families. Our commitment to our Graduates age 21 - 36 is reflected by giving them full access to the tee 7 days a week, with no time restrictions or other limitations. Our Graduates have full access to the clubhouse, driving range and practice facilities and the ability to introduce and host guests to the Club.

Age Categories

The Annual Dues for the Graduate Membership fall in 4 different age categories: 21-24, 25-28, 29-32 and 33-36.

Annual Share Deposit

The Dues for the Graduate Program include an annual fee and a non-refundable annual share deposit. Click here for 2021 Annual Graduate Dues and Information.

The Share Deposit is “banked” and accumulates over the years you are a member. As you get older, the annual Share Deposit increases. Once you reach the age of 37 (or earlier if you choose), you are given the opportunity to purchase a Share. The total amount you have “banked” to that date, is then applied towards the purchase of your Share ($10,000 + GST) and Initiation Fee (waived for 2021).

Inclusions and Minimums

Club Storage, locker and RCGA Handicap fees are included in your dues.

Graduate Members are Full Play Members with benefits as such. However, members who have paid the most money in terms of Annual Dues and/or Share Payments receive priority to tee time requests.

The Graduate categories 29-32 years and 33-36 year categories have a $700/year Food and Beverage minimum assessment attached to the membership.

NEW - Any new 2021 Graduate Members are offered a COMPLIMENTARY Select Play Membership for their spouse valued at $3,255.


Unlimited Golf - 7 days a week

Complimentary Practice Balls and Unlimited Practice Facility Use

7-day advance Lottery Tee Time Booking/3-day advance access to live Tee Sheet

Reciprocal play at 10 additional Canadian Golf and Country Clubs (on hold for 2021 golf season)

Unlimited Clubhouse Use (offering breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Use of Private Dining and Banquet Rooms for meetings or parties at reduced rates

Guest Privileges

Complimentary Club Storage and Locker Privileges

Golf Canada Membership and Handicap Service

Full and Active Calendar of golf events, social events and activities

NEW for 2021 - Complimentary Select Play Membership for spouse (valued at $3,255)

Reduced fees available for active golfing spouses in four age categories

Complimentary Youth Memberships for children and grandchildren 18 years & under



All member applications must be endorsed by two current Wascana Country Club Shareholders and be approved by the Board of Directors. For further membership information, please contact: Kim Walker, Executive Assistant at 306-586-5666 ext. 221 or at


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